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  • Arizona Gay Couple Want Judge To OK Marriage

    PHOENIX (AP) _ A gay couple from southern Arizona wants a federal judge to immediately order the state to recognize their marriage because one of the men is terminally ill.

  • Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer Vetoes SB 1062

    (CNN) -- Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer said Wednesday that she has vetoed a bill that would have allowed businesses that asserted their religious beliefs the right to deny service to gay and lesbian customers.

  • Arizona Man SeeksRecognition Of Same-Sex Marriage

    PHOENIX (AP) -- George Martinez was a Vietnam War veteran in the throes of the final stages of cancer when he and his partner of 45 years traveled from Arizona to California to fulfill one of his final wishes and get married. He died two weeks ago, and now his surviving spouse is in the midst of a legal battle over Arizona's ban on gay marriage.

  • AZ Ruling On Gay Marriage Ban Expected Soon

    Phoenix, AZ (KPHO) -- A major ruling on same-sex marriage in Arizona is expected any day now.

  • Businesses Lash Out Over Arizona's Anti-Gay Bill

    NEW YORK (CNNMoney) -- Businesses are lashing out over an Arizona bill that would allow retailers to refuse service to lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender customers based on the owners' religious convictions.

  • Clinton Lauds Arizona Veto In Speech Targeting Young Voters

    ORLANDO (CNN) -- Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton didn't wait long to applaud the veto of an Arizona law that would have allowed businesses that asserted their religious beliefs the right to deny service to gay and lesbian customers.

  • Court Asked to Merge Arizona Same-Sex Marriage Cases

    PHOENIX (AP) - Lawyers for plaintiffs in one of two pending lawsuits challenging Arizona's ban on same-sex marriage are asking a federal court to combine the suits into one case.

  • Fate of Arizona Anti-Gay Measure Rests With Jan Brewer

    WASHINGTON (CNN) -- To veto or not to veto: It's up to Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer.

  • Four Couples File Class-Action Lawsuit To Make Same-Sex Marriage Legal in Arizona

    PHOENIX - Four couples have filed a class-action lawsuit seeking to make same-sex marriage legal in Arizona.

  • Group Challenges AZ Ban On Same-Sex Marriage

    Phoenix (KPHO) -- Lambda Legal, a group fighting for the civil rights for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender persons, filed a lawsuit in federal court in Phoenix challenging Arizona's ban on same-sex marriage.

  • How Corporate America Forced Arizona Bill’s Veto

    When an important social issue intersected with business in Arizona, Corporate America decided it was time to take a stand.

  • In Depth: Gov. Jan Brewer Vetoes Religious Bias Bill

    Republican Arizona Governor Jan Brewer has vetoed the religious bias bill.

    Nearly all political pundits were predicting she would veto the bill allowing people to discriminate based on self-claimed religious beliefs. On Wednesday, former Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney joined the chorus of prominent Republicans who said she should.

  • Jan Brewer's Successor Probably Won't Be As Flamboyant

    (CNN) -- It's not clear who might try to succeed Jan Brewer as governor of Arizona next year, but chances are good that whoever it is won't be quite as flamboyant.

    The finger-wagging, gun-loving politician, known as a firebrand who exhibits flashes of moderation, announced on Wednesday that she would "pass the torch of leadership" and not run for reelection. Her term ends in January.

  • Man Wins Fight To Get Same-Sex Union Recognized

    PHOENIX (AP) _ In a ruling that calls into question Arizona's gay marriage ban, a judge handed a victory Friday to a gay man who lost his spouse to cancer last month and was denied death benefits because the state prohibits same-sex unions.

  • No Trial Planned In Arizona Same-Sex Marriage Case

    PHOENIX (AP) — Lawyers for Arizona and a group of gay and lesbian couples who sued over the state's ban on same-sex marriage want a judge to decide the case without a trial.

  • Op-Ed: Closed For Business – Arizona In The 21st Century

    The recent debacle pretending as legislation in Arizona has thrown a wrench into our trip planning. We have planned a trip that includes almost a month in Arizona, the home of a newly passed law allowing legal discrimination of gays. Leaving it to a service provider’s religious beliefs to decide whoever that may be. Though the legislation has not been signed into law by the governor as of this writing, the intent remains.

  • Op-Ed: Why I Put That Sign In My Pizzeria Window

    Editor's note: Rocco DiGrazia describes himself as a "failed anthropologist and thwarted musician, but a decent father and passable pizzaiolo." He owns Rocco's Little Chicago Pizzeria in Tucson, Arizona, and is married with two children.

  • Religious Freedom Bill Riles Gay Rights Supporters

    PHOENIX (AP) - The Arizona Legislature gave final approval to legislation that allows business owners asserting their religious beliefs to refuse service to gays, drawing backlash from Democrats who called the proposal "state-sanctioned discrimination" and an embarrassment.

  • Romney Weighs In, Obama Silent On Arizona SB1062

    (CNN) -- Former GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney has joined calls from key Republicans urging Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer to veto legislation that critics say would codify discrimination against gays and lesbians in that state.

  • Ruling Sought In Arizona Same-Sex Marriage Case

    PHOENIX (AP) — Gay and lesbian couples challenging Arizona's ban on same-sex marriage are asking a federal court for a pretrial ruling in their favor.