• DADT is Gone But AVER Continues to Fight

    Our veterans are some of the most treasured warriors our country has, but a group has long been kept in the closet.

  • Minister’s Invitation Causes LGBT Vets to Boycott Fort Lauderdale’s Memorial Day Ceremony

    The invitation of Dr. Jerry Newcombe to speak at Fort Lauderdale’s Memorial Day ceremonies caused the Gold Coast Chapter of American Veterans for Equal Rights to boycott the event.

  • Transgender and Intersex Healthcare at the Veterans Healthcare System

    After a tweet by President Trump advocated a ban on transgender individuals from serving in the United States military set off an alarm across the world, various news stories emerged with information about the more than 15,000 transgender service members who are currently serving in the United States military. In addition to widespread concern that the tweet could become policy, confusion surfaced about how such a ban could not only affect transgender service personnel who are already serving in the military, but also transgender veterans of the United States military who receive their healthcare at veteran healthcare facilities throughout the nation.

  • Veterinarian Remembered As Witty Soul

    Uncle Poppie loved to travel and take care of all of God’s creations, said friends and family at a “celebration of life” service Saturday afternoon.

  • Wilton Manors Vet Honored at Mayor’s Gala

    Ruthanne Stadnick says her husband, Alexander “Skip” Stadnik, looked “quite handsome” in his tux at the annual United Way of Broward County’s Mayor’s Gala.