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  • 10 Financial Tools For Your Gay New Year

    Plan Your Spending

    Budgeting is not a difficult task; it’s a primary step to financial freedom. You only need a simple plan, a sheet of paper will do. When you plan your expenses they take on real cost; planning helps identify expenses that are not actually necessary. Simply list them all. If you are paid weekly plan your budget weekly, or budget on your pay schedule.

  • 10 Tips, Tricks & Tools to Financial Freedom

    Below are 10 tips from our financial guru Ric Reily and author of Money Is The Root Of All - Skip The Debt Habit.

    The beginning of a new year is a great time to make some changes in your financial life. Rather than making resolutions that will quickly fade, choose to remove the stress of money from your life. Stress is a result of not getting what you expect, yet achieving a stress free financial life is simple, fast and fun.

  • Beware: Hidden Fees Take Toll on Retirement Savings

    Employer sponsored retirement plans, like your 401(k), have an administrator who is usually a company employee overseeing the plan for participants. The financial company that actually holds the assets and makes investments is the manager.

  • Changes Ordered For College Loans For Gay Couples

    (AP) Students in same-sex marriages will be treated the same as their straight married classmates when it comes to federal college loan applications, Education Secretary Arne Duncan said Friday in a shift that reflects this year’s Supreme Court ruling that broadened gay rights.

  • Column: Money Matters - Credit or Debit?

    How often are you asked that question? Me? Never.

  • The Money Man — How to Choose The Right Bank

    As the Wells Fargo Bank branch in Wilton Manors unveils their gay themed mural I am reminded of the actual business of banks. The business of a bank is much different than most bank customers think it is.

  • Treasury Direct - The World’s Safest Safe

    Today’s uncertain financial environment is notable for the disappearance of many long held fundamentals of money management. The old rules have disappeared or changed and seem to continue to change daily. Equity markets vacillate in great daily waves. Bonds act counter intuitively. Banks are deemed too big to fail. Commodities are in free fall.