Costa Rica

  • Clerical Error Led to Costa Rica's First Legal Gay Marriage

    SAN JOSE, Costa Rica (AP) — When Jazmin Elizondo Arias was born in 1991, someone goofed and noted on her birth certificate that she was male.

  • Same-Sex Marriage Supporter Easily Wins Costa Rica Elections

    (AP) Voters gave a resounding no to an evangelical pastor who rose to political prominence by campaigning against same-sex marriage, allowing Costa Rica's governing party to win an easy presidential victory.

  • Top Travel Destinations 2018

    New year, new travel memories. From rooftop drinks in a Southern legend to Central American jungle adventures, there’s fun to be had for every budget (and every time constraint!). Florida is close to some of the top destinations for 2018. If you haven’t made your travel itinerary for 2018 yet, pack your bags; here are five places where you can make the most of your new year.