• Adoption: Looking for Love

    Sweet Sara (ID 575736) has been waiting since early May to find a home and doesn’t understand why she is being overlooked.  This gal is just over a year old and only weighs 45 pounds.  Sara is an energetic, playful girl but she calms down after a few minutes of play. She especially loves to chase after balls. After a little obedience training, this princess will fit right into your family.  Stop by and meet her…she could be the girl of your dreams.

  • Adoption: Mile-Wide Smile

    If you like BIG dogs, than Duke (ID 587656) is the fellow for you!  At three years young, this fellow weighs 100 pounds and has a smile a mile wide.  Duke likes other dogs, but because of his size and playful energy will do best with another larger dog.  He likes people of all ages, he knows some basic commands and he likes to play fetch.  Can Duke be part of your family?  

  • Adoption: Needing New Homes

    Adorable Le-Jingles (ID 586585) wants to spend this holiday and many more with you.  He is a three-year-old orange and white feline who had a family that loved him, however the older cat at home did not.  Le-Jingles is very, very sweet and loves to be with people.  He previously lived with older kids, gets along with dogs and he likes cats, the feeling was just not mutual. Can Le-Jingles be part of your family?

  • Adoption: People Pleasers

    Handsome Coco (ID 583597) had a family that loved him for the past five years.  Sadly the landlord said he had to go, so now Coco has to find another family to love.  This fellow has not lived with other pets before, but enjoys the companionship of people that are around him and he doesn’t mind being held.  With his long luxurious coat, Coco will need to be brushed on a regular basis, so please be sure you have time to devote to him.

  • Adoption: Pretty Kitties in the City

    Calling all cat lovers, Honey (ID 581125) is waiting to meet you.  Sadly after having a home for 10 years Honey’s owner became ill and can no longer care for this sweet fellow.  At 20 pounds there is a lot to love and pet.  Honey is just one of several mature felines looking for a home this week.  When you adopt an older kitty, they tend to be calmer, will let you sleep through the night and might even snuggle on the couch with you.

  • Adoption: Searching The World For You


    Little Man (ID 580410) isn’t that little, but he hopes that doesn’t deter you from welcoming him into your home.  This handsome three year old59 pound border collie mix is sweet and will do best with an active family.  He came to the Humane Society of Broward County from another shelter so he is hoping his luck will change here.  Can Little Man be the new fellow in your life?

  • Adoption: She'll Run Into Your Arms

    Want to keep active this coming new year? Perky Delta (ID 582784) is your girl! This high-energy sweetheart is ready to motivate you to hit the ground running. Very alert and affectionate, she would be a great fit for an active family who has time to give her the exercise and training she needs.  This 4-year-old, gal arrived in Broward County because her shelter in Collier County was damaged during Hurricane Irma. She has been patiently waiting for a family since mid-September, and she’s looking forward to putting down roots in Broward. Thanks to JR Dunn Jewelers – she might not be waiting for much longer. They have sponsored her adoption fee! Could you be the person to welcome this sweet girl home!

  • Adoption: She'll Steal the Show!


    Cher (ID 578117) wants to be your superstar!  She and her BFF Sunny are 11 month old siblings who would love to find a home where they can stay together.  They can often be seen playing together and promise to keep you entertained for hours.  You can adopt these two felines and pay one $30 adoption fee.

  • Adoption: She's A Good Sport


    Xena (ID 574874) is also looking for a forever home.  After having a great home her for the past 3 years, her family moved out of the country and could not take her along.  Xena is a 54 pound, American Staffordshire terrier mix who is a sweet gal that has a lot of spirit, so she will do best with an active family.  This brindle beauty, likes people of all ages and she really likes to play with rope toys.  Adopt Xena and her adoption fee is sponsored thanks to Dolly’s Dream, a program devoted to helping bully breed dogs.   She also gets to go home with the goodies she will need to settle into her new home.

  • Adoption: Somebody to Love

    Beautiful Tabby (ID 584451) had an owner that loved her, but sadly she has become ill and can no longer care for her, so Tabby is looking for another lap to snuggle in.  Tabby has never lived with other pets, so she might do best in a quieter home.  This gal is very sweet, doesn’t mind being picked up and likes to have her forehead rubbed. Oh, and be sure you’re ready to share your bed…Tabby may want to sleep with you.  Do you have room in your heart and home for this deserving sweetie? 

  • Adoption: Sweet Girls

    Super sweet Sadie (ID 547281) hopes you can open up your heart and home to her.  At five years young, Sadie is an amazing gal who also was given up because her family lost their home.  Sadie loves to visit the dog park, knows basic commands, is crate trained, loves to swim, likes people of all ages and is good with cats.  She is the perfect adult dog who just wants a chance…can you be the one who gives her one?

  • Adoption: Sweet Older Boys

    Sweet Elvis (ID 583552) finds himself all alone after his owner passed away.  At 11 years young, he has a lot of competition with the younger felines, but hopes you have room in your heart and home for him.  Elvis is a sweet and social fellow who gets along with other kitties.  Can this super-star be part of your family? 

  • Adoption: Sweetie the Cat and Brownie the Bunny

    Sweety (ID 568301) is a two-year old, full-figured gal who is looking for a new home where she can lose some weight and get lots of love at the same time.  This sweetheart gets along with other cats and dogs and would do best in a home with older kids.  Thanks to a fellow cat lover, Sweety has had her adoption fee sponsored, you just have to promise to give her the loving home she wants.  Can you make her wish come true?

  • Adoption: The Biggest Heart

    Beautiful Scarlett (ID 578372) is a 4 year old, 60 pound American bulldog/mastiff mix who is incredibly sweet, gives hugs and kisses and never stops wagging her tail.  This gal is smart, treat motivated and loves attention.  She came from another shelter in hopes of finding a forever home here in South Florida, can you make her wish come true?

  • Adoption: Your Next Best Friends

    Gorgeous Sammy (ID 587244) is hoping you can give her a forever home, can you make her wish come true? This long-haired goddess is six years young, weighs 12 ½ pounds and sadly was given up because her owner is ill and can no longer take care of her. Sammy gets along with other felines and hopes you’ll find room in your heart and home for her. With her long luxurious coat, she should be brushed on a regular basis so she is always looking her best, so be sure you have time to devote to her.

  • Ayo Captain Jack

    Handsome Jack Sparrow (ID 571584) has been through a lot these last few weeks and is now looking for a home to settle into.  This 2 year young fellow was hit by a car and had to have one of his legs amputated because the injury was so bad.  He is making a fabulous recovery and is now ready to be adopted.  He is sweet, loves to have his chin scratched and came from a home were there were other cats and he was fine.   He would just prefer a home without dogs as they scare him.  Can Jack be part of your family?

  • Big Boys Know Best

    Now if you like BIG cats, Panchito (ID 281776) is the fellow for you.  This handsome black and white fellow is 10 years young, and tips the scale at 21 pounds!  He is bigger than some dogs.  Panchito has quite the personality and because he is in one of our community cat rooms, we have discovered that this fellow likes to redecorate at night.  He moves the pillows and blankets around his room and sometimes hides under them.  Panchito gets along with other pets and would do best in a home with older kids.

  • Column: The Dog Who Saved My Life

    As of March 24, I’ve been on testosterone therapy for three years.

  • Eight Lives to Spare

    TLC… that is what Valush (ID 568285) is looking for a home where he can be spoiled and loved. This two-year-old fellow came to the Humane Society in rough shape.  He was limping and an x-ray revealed he had a fractured leg. Unfortunately, it could not be saved and his leg was amputated. Valush has made a wonderful recovery and now this sweet fellow is looking for a forever home.  Can you make his wish come true?

  • Eight Tips to Help Pets Cope With Fireworks

    On the Fourth of July, many people look forward to the tradition of fireworks. But these celebrations can be overwhelming for pets, and many become startled and try to escape the sights and sounds.