• History: These 10 Folks Were Executed For Being Gay

    Homosexuality was once considered a normal part of life — especially in ancient Greece. But in modern times gays and lesbians have had it rough. Thankfully it’s not a crime anymore in the U.S. but in some parts of the world, it’s not only a crime, but is still punishable by death. For the most part though, those laws aren’t used to execute LGBT people.

  • HIV Activist Tyler Curry Uses His Status To Empower Others

    Tyler Curry has a smile that radiates life and a body to match. He’s healthy, happy and seems, for the most part, carefree.

  • HIV May Be Manageable But It Ain’t Cheap

    Phil Lauderhill takes medications daily to treat his condition. Lauderhill, 36, has been HIV positive for 10 years now, but like most people cannot afford to pay for his treatment alone.

  • How Do New Area Restaurants Rate?

    Let’s face it, going out for dinner is a crap shoot. Even if a place is great, the day you decide to check it out might happen to be the day that the head chef calls in sick, your server is hung-over, the busboy is pre-occupied about a fight with his boyfriend, the bartender’s cat died or three staff members didn’t show up for their shifts. Or, maybe all of the above. Good luck having a great dining experience then. Or, you may hit the place on the one night when everything “clicks” and you have an incredible experience.

  • Hybrids Can be Handsome

    (Mirror) There seems to be a notion that cars boasting exotic technology have to be incurably ugly. Certainly, the Toyota Prius is guilty of crimes against natural beauty; ditto the ungainly Honda Clarity. The latter is especially puzzling given the sublime styling of the 2019 Honda Insight Hybrid.

  • Iconic & Groundbreaking LGBT Characters on the Tube

    While no means complete, this list pays homage to some of the more iconic and groundbreaking LGBT characters to have graced the small screen.

  • Iconic Porn Director Wakefield Poole Talks to The Mirror

    Wakefield Poole wanted to make “artistic, erotic—not dirty” films. And he did. He had blockbuster successes with “Boys in the Sand” and “Bijou” although not with his fascinating flop, “Bible!”

  • Is Hungary Becoming The New Russia?

    Gays in Central Europe are finding an increasingly hostile environment

  • It Hasn’t Always Been Sunshine & Rainbows: A Look Back at Gay Rights’ Biggest Defeats

    In the past few years the LGBT community has seen a string of victories from the repeal of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell and the Supreme Court case overturning the Defense of Marriage Act, to voters approving gay marriage in three states at the ballot box and a sitting president coming out in favor of marriage equality.

  • Italy Unveiled: An LGBT Tour For Those Who Think They’ve Seen It All

    When HEtravel.com asked me to lead its brand new tour “Italy Unveiled,” I was delighted to read its itinerary, finding myself among the targeted: those who have seen the major attractions of Italy (Florence, Tuscany, Venice, etc.) and want to explore some of its lesser known regions. I greeted my charges, well-traveled couples and singles ages 30s to 70s, in Rome at an extravagant welcome dinner at Ba’Ghetto in the old Jewish quarter of the city.

  • James Franco Talks Gay Films

    Ever since James Franco emerged in Hollywood, gay men around the country have been infatuated with the actor, who Salon.com named the sexiest man alive in 2009.

  • Japanese-American Community Has Long Stood With LGBT Folks

    JACL endorsed marriage equality in 1994

  • Joe Komara, Sal Infantino & Andrew Glaszek: These three gay actors will have you wanting more

    Joe Komara of ‘The Girl’s Guide to Depravity’, Sal Infantino of “The 3 Bits”, Andrew Glaszek of “Hustling”

    With cable, Web series, and independent films offering openly gay actors exposure, a trio of out actors are generating attention and breaking stereotypes by playing gay characters that mirror viewers’ lives as well as their own.

  • Kylar Broadus – Trans Activist of Color

    It was serendipity that Kylar Broadus was born on the same day as Martin Luther King, Jr.’s march on Washington, D.C.

  • Last Words - William Shatner: Ahead Maximum Warp

    Fifty years ago, William Shatner first hit the airwaves as the dashing starship captain James T. Kirk on “Star Trek,” inspiring generations of devoted fans. But in the decades since that first journey into deep space, he has also created unforgettable characters as the star of the police drama, “T.J. Hooker,” the eccentric attorney Denny Crane on “Boston Legal,” and a quirky caricature of himself in the infamous Priceline commercials.

  • Leap to Freedom: Cuban dancer escapes to Florida

    Jaime Reytor always dreamed of a life in the U.S. The 24-year-old dancer enjoyed a career his Cuban countrymen could only envy. A member of the Cuban National Ballet, he lived in the capital and traveled frequently beyond the island nation’s shores.

  • LGBT Comic Book Characters Going Mainstream

    When the loveable red-headed Archie of Archie Comics died this year saving his gay best friend Kevin Keller it was a turning in the history of LGBT characters in mainstream comics. It’s one thing to let your gay best friend do your hair, quite another to take a bullet for him.

  • LGBT Heritage: National Park Service’s Latest Initiative

    Jamie Nickel spends her days telling tourists about the marvels of Glacier National Park. A native Californian with long, golden blonde hair, Nickel, 25, came to Montana for the summer to drive one of Glacier’s historic red buses.

  • LGBT Support in the South Continues to Grow

    When it comes to LGBT rights, the South isn’t exactly where people look for overwhelming progress and change – but the new LGBT Institute in Atlanta wants to be a part of changing that.

  • Local Foundation Awards Grant to Help Children Infected With HIV

    The Campbell Foundation, based in Fort Lauderdale, recently awarded a grant to yet another worthy cause to research HIV/AIDS.