• Feature: Tapping with Tommy Tune

    Tommy Tune has always stood out in a crowd. The gangly six-foot-six (and a half)-inch-tall kid couldn’t be missed in the line-up of aspiring chorus boys at his first Broadway audition. Fortunately, for adoring fans, he wasn’t.

  • Fighting for LGBT Rights in Guyana

    Guyana is one of the few Caribbean countries that is not an island. Still, homophobia is as rampant as sunshine in the country that is nestled between Venezuela and Suriname.

  • Film: LGBT Critics Make their Picks as Awards Season Approaches

    (Mirror) Get out your scorecards because Hollywood awards season is here! GALECA: The Society of LGBTQ Entertainment Critics has named its nominees for its milestone 10th Dorian Awards for the best in film and television of 2018 and LGBT-themed flicks feature prominently among the nominees. 

  • Find a Festival

    Looking for a nearby escape or just a chance to get out of the house for a few hours? Check out one of these local festivals and experience the diverse arts and culture of South Florida:

  • First Look: “Toruk” from Cirque du Soleil

    The far away world of James Cameron’s blockbuster film, “Avatar,” comes to life on the stage in Cirque du Soleil’s “Toruk – The First Flight.”

  • Fitness: Squat Your Way to Ripped!

    LEGS are the biggest, strongest muscle in the body! They have the ability to activate a large amount of muscle fibres and burn heaps of calories, which will help improve overall strength, size and definition. Building lean muscle should be a priority for everyone, no matter what sex, how old you are, or what your overall goals are for that matter. So having said that, this article is written to explain the importance of incorporating legs into your training program for overall strength, definition, performance. The other aspect of this article is to bring your attention to the hormonal effect that comes with training big muscle groups, especially the legs. The hormonal effect or the metabolic effect as you may have herd it referred to, is where the getting ripped come into play.

  • Fitness: Super Set for Super Shape

    I am sure you have all heard the term Super Set before, along with the terms Single Set, Drop Set, Alternating Set, Giant Set and so forth. The questions is though, which set should you do?

  • Food: Pre Theater Dining

    In the land of the early-bird special, you’d think that there’d be no problem at all finding pre-theater dining options. But no, most early bird dining options require you to be seated before five. Even at a leisurely pace that leaves you with at least with an hour to kill after your dinner before an 8 p.m. curtain. I suppose you could take a walk to burn off those calories, but in South Florida that means you’ll end up a sweaty mess when you get to the theater. However, a few places offer pre-theater prix fixe meals which allow you time for a meal with plenty of time to get to the theater.

  • Franco Pushes Boundaries With ‘Interior. Leather Bar’

    Audiences were shocked when the Al Pacino film "Cruising" was released in 1980. In the film, the Oscar winning Hollywood legend played a straight police detective in New York who goes undercover in the gay leather scene to find a killer. As the dark, disturbing story unfolds, he becomes more immersed in that world than he ever imagined he would.

  • Fred Karger: He’s gay. He’s republican. He took on the Mormon Church. And he ran for president.

    A gay Republican -- it’s the unicorn of the political spectrum, and Fred Karger is the leader of the mystical herd.

  • Gay Adoption Without Borders

    Family’s courageous fight to adopt transcends state borders; further highlights need for federal protection for gay adoption.

  • Gay Camping: A Growing Gay Institution

    (Mirror) Acceptance, rights and inclusion was our gay agenda and as the war subsides to battles and as the dust clears, we begin to see the outcome. We may love our gay culture, yet it is important to understand that achieving our goals carries with it the cost of giving up who we were for who we will become. 

  • Gay Days Goes West

    Gay Days, the popular brand known for its annual festivities in Orlando, is making a pioneering move out to the desert Southwest.

  • Gay History 101: November 11, 2015

    RELIGION KEEPS RAISING ITS UGLY HEAD often turning back the clock on centuries of progress and enlightenment. As reported last week a barbaric law that makes gay sex punishable by caning has taken effect in the conservative Indonesian province of Aceh. Starting on Oct. 23, 2015 anyone caught having homosexual sex, Muslim or otherwise, faces up to 100 lashes, a fine of 2 lb. in gold and 8 years in jail. Adulterers also face 100 lashes but without fine or imprisonment.

  • Gay Life Has Blossomed

    The seeds we planted many winters ago blossomed last year. Forty-five years after Neil Armstrong landed on the Moon, legal pot and gay marriage have landed on Earth. It was one small step for man, one giant high for mankind. America is in a different place, and so is being homosexual.

  • Gay? Mormon? ‘Affirmation’ Can Help

    As a junior at Brigham Young University, John Gustav-Wrathall was struggling with his sexuality, he was suicidal, and devastated over the idea of leaving behind the Mormon church that had been his entire life.

  • Get Circuit Party Ripped, Circuit Style

    So it’s that time of year again where you have been going balls to the wall in the gym all year to make good gains in size, shape, and definition and now it’s time to peel back the layers and see all your hard work unfold. We all love a great set of shoulders, well defined chest, bulging biceps and a nicely sculpted midsection… Especially on ourselves!

  • Getting Down and Dirty With Porn Star Colby Keller

    Colby Keller is a porn star who has developed a considerable following from the CockyBoys website and his blog www.ColbyKeller.com. Featured in the film series “A Thing of Beauty,”and photographed for the affiliated coffee table book of the same name, the sexy Keller describes himself as “a big old man”— quite a contrast to the other CockyBoys.

  • Gilbert Baker: The Man Behind the Rainbow Flag

    On November 18, gay activist Gilbert Baker took to the streets to protest during Russia day at Wall Street. For the occasion, he sewed a 100-foot rainbow banner that required nearly 30 people to carry it. A message emblazoned on it read “Human rights Yes; Russian thugs Yes. NYSE WTF?” according to Baker.

    “The message is to make our point to the very people that are doing money trading there,” he said. “I think what’s going on with the Olympics, and what’s going on in Russia. I think it’s important to show that Russia isn’t good in terms of human rights.”

    Baker, 62, is a driver in LGBT advocacy and has used his sewing skills to raise global awareness. In 1978 in San Francisco, he constructed the rainbow flag with eight pieces of colored fabric. Each color stands for a meaning: pink for sex, red for life, orange for healing, yellow for sunlight, green for nature, blue for art, indigo for harmony, and violet for the human spirit. Eventually, Baker constructed the flag with six colors and stopped using pink and indigo.

    For Baker flags are about visibility and power as well as a beacon of hope. Before he created the rainbow flag, the sole gay symbol was the pink triangle that came out of Nazi Germany. Since this symbol had such a negative stigma Baker sought to give the community a symbol of hope with his rainbow flag.

    While Baker has seen advances in gay rights since he first got involved in marches and activism in the late ‘70s in San Francisco, he thinks there’s still a tremendous way to go.

    “We really have a global human rights problem. It’s not just Russia. Sure, it’s great to be gay in Miami, New York, in San Francisco, but it’s not possible to be gay in a lot of places,” he said. “Look at the gay situation in Saudi Arabia, Iran, Russia, Indonesia. We have a human rights problem, yes, we have made some progress, but we really have a long difficult struggle ahead.”

    “You can’t protest in Russia, but in America we yell and scream and make our point. The other side that hates an open sexual orientation says that we are going to hell. We also get backlash from gays that think we are rocking the boat. Gay people are not united, there’s class and race that divides us. But when you push buttons, you get pushed back. But it doesn’t stop me,” he shared.

    At times Baker looks at the struggle for equality and thinks he’s up against the impossible, even though he refuses to give up. “I feel like a lot of times that I’m not getting anywhere, and that the situation is hopeless, I feel that way often, but then I have to look at the global picture like the guy in Uganda wearing a rainbow scarf. Now that makes me happy,” he said. “I hope that the world will change for the better, but it’s not going to happen in my lifetime. I use my art to make statements that I can have fun with. I am happy when I’m sewing, making things, and on the street. I’m happy when I’m solving things and making art and not thinking about the world’s problems.”

    The small Kansas town bred activist lives in New York. While he’s known for creating beautiful banners and flags, he’s in the process of scoping out a new way to deliver his message for gay rights.

    “I’m looking into printing designs on streets. I love making giant flags, but they don’t last that long. Printing the flag image along a street has this horizon to horizon, sea to sea, larger than life appeal,” he said. “The problem with flags is they wear out. They don’t last – even my big flagpole projects. I love them but you have to constantly change them since they fade. Imagine printing my flag on asphalt, it’s more permanent. So that’s what I’m looking into now.”

    Visit www.GilbertBaker.com for more information.

  • Grand Nation: All-American Boy Takes Country by Storm

    Not long ago, Steve Grand was a little-known, young singer/songwriter from the Chicago suburbs. But that all changed in July, when his self-funded music video, All-American Boy, was posted to YouTube.