• Beards: An Unshaved History

    From the Book

    In his new book, Kevin Clarke, bestselling author of Porn — from Andy Warhol to X-Tube, shows us beards from the gay perspective. In addition to his view on the clones of the 1970s and their recent return, there are interviews and facts about beards as well as photographs showing how erotic a man's beard can be. From bestselling author Kevin Clarke Gay view on history of the beard Trend: The beard as an expression of the modern man

  • Being Scene: Living The LGBT Life

    Headlines – News & Views

  • Believe Out Loud

    LGBT Christians coming together to fight religious stereotypes

  • Bent Con: Get Your Gay Geek On - Mirror

    In this era of a rapidly spreading marriage equality movement, it seems that out proud LGBT people can now be found everywhere. This includes at unexpected places like comic book shops and on the pages of the comics themselves.

  • Black Lives Movement Hits Home With Death of Corey Jones

    Two founders of the national movement are queer

  • Broadway Babies: The Gay White Way's Gayest Stars

    WHAT? Gay people in the theater? Who knew? Here's a few: 

  • Broadway Melodies

    Some of the gay white way's GAYEST musicals

  • Broadway: Kinky Boots, Newsies, and The Sound of Music Coming Soon

    With three world class performing arts center along a 75 mile stretch of I-95, South Florida regularly attracts the most popular touring productions, straight from Broadway. This season is no exception, with “Kinky Boots” coming to both Miami and Fort Lauderdale, and “Once” and “Newsies” rounding out the fall lineup at the Broward Center.

  • Broward Center Hosts the Wedding of the Year

    The way Matt May and Jennifer Sierra-Grobelaar finish each other’s sentences, you’d think they were an old married couple.

  • BSO: Passenger Who Fell from Oasis of the Seas Threatened to Jump Overboard

    The 31-year-old passenger whose plunge from the cruise ship Oasis of the Seas was caught on cellphone videos had threatened to jump overboard seconds before he ran toward the balcony of his stateroom, investigators said Monday.

  • Changing Attitudes in the Deep South

    An unlikely woman is leading the charge to embrace LGBT people in the Deep South.

  • CIA Reaches Out To LGBT Community

    In the culture wars griping America, it is the Central Intelligence Agency leading the way for positive change within the intelligence community.

  • Classical Music and Jazz

    While symphony orchestras across the country still continue to deal with the aftermath of the Great Recession and dwindling donations, the South Florida Symphony continues to buck the trend.

  • Coffee Table: A Thing of Beauty

    “A Thing of Beauty” shows fresh, unspoiled faces in an offbeat way. Photographers Jake Jaxson and RJ Sebastian effectively and emotionally draws attention to the young performers.

  • Column: A Dog's Tale

    Historians and anthropologists say that our relationship with humans started 15,000 years ago when, with the development of agriculture, your forebears became more sedentary.

  • Column: Finding the ‘B’ in LGBT History

    Lani Ka'ahumanu, BiNet USA co-founder and leader in the bi movement for almost 35 years, turned 70 last October. Lani's list of accomplishments is exhaustive:

  • Column: Her Name Was Jennifer Gable

    Her name was Jennifer Gable. She was 32 years old when a brain aneurism tragically ended her life on October 9, 2014. She’d spent the last few years of that life living as the woman she was. She’d reached out to the trans community and the community reached back. She was a trans woman, and that’s how we’ll remember her. Jennifer Gable was one of us.

  • Column: How Lazy Reporting Helped Kill The HERO

    Last week, Houstonians voted to repeal the Houston Equal Rights Ordinance (HERO), marking the end of a year and a half long battle over the city's non-discrimination ordinance. HERO's opponents owe a large part of their success to local media, which helped frame the measure as a "bathroom bill" while uncritically repeating opponents' bogus "bathroom predator" talking points.

  • Column: Seeking LGBTQ Parents in History

    Opponents of LGBTQ equality often try to make LGBTQ parents seem like a new and untested phenomenon, and therefore something to be avoided. The history of LGBTQ parents and our children, however, goes back further than one might think.

  • Column: The Word ‘Queer’ - Its History And Its Future

    The word “queer” has occupied a prominent place in modern American gay culture, either as a hateful term of insult and denigration or as a vibrant affirmation of one’s sexuality and desire.