• Queer Query: How I Knew I Was Bisexual

    This article was originally a blog post in honor ofBisexual Awareness Week from September 20-26th andBisexual Visibility Day that took place on September 23rd.

  • Queer Query: Outside the Box

    It starts like every other eleventh grade assembly at a local school: the principal walks around the auditorium with an air of confidence, the speech he will give to the upcoming seniors rehearses in his head as the crowd murmurs how they wish they could be anywhere else but there.

  • Queer Query: The Riot on Christopher Street

    Welcome to Queer Query’s second issue! Thank you for joining us once again. This newsletter is meant to highlight the voices of young LGBTQ writers. What the reader will find ahead is a wide spectrum of identities, sexualities, and experiences that embrace everything that we are, and everything that we stand for: inclusiveness and unity.

  • Republican Field Guide: It's Down to 8 for No. 4 Debate

    Now there are eight. The latest Republican presidential debate brings two fewer candidates to the main stage. But that still leaves a gaggle of competing personalities to keep straight Tuesday night in Milwaukee.

  • Sal Bardo: Queer Indie Filmmaker

    Sal Bardo is a gay filmmaker who works in the short film format. His smart, sharp dramas, which have played festivals across the country, include “Requited,”about a gay man conflicted about his feelings for his straight best friend; “Sam,”a nearly wordless short about gender identity and bullying; and “Chaser,”a controversial short about barebacking.

  • Shake Up Your Holiday Festivities with Creative Cocktails

    The fall holidays are steeped in tradition. Try to imagine Thanksgiving without turkey and stuffing, Christmas without a ham or New Year’s Eve without a champagne toast.

  • Shedding Light on Eating Disorders in the LGBT Community

    Eating disorders only affect straight, white, teenage girls.

  • Short Story: Camping On The High Seas

    In 1956 I was just 16 when I completed my training and enlisted in the British Merchant Navy. I already suspected I was gay but had a rather romantic and unrealistic view of life. I had a steady girl friend and believed I should wait and see how things would turn out.

  • Short Story: From the Corner You Can See the Bay

    I didn't remember the conversation until after he was dead and cremated. It had been so off-handed and whimsical at the time. Neither of us was going to die right away. We were going to retire in maybe a year -two at the outside. Sell the house and go to Northern California and live in a rented house on the Russian River. Lung cancer had metastasized throughout his body, the oncologist said, spread to the bone and later to the brain and the other vital organs. Three months from diagnosis to cremation.

  • Short Story: One Dog Day Night IN the Himmarshee Zone

    They call them the 'dog days' of summer…you know, the way man's best friend has of just lying around in the shade doing nothing from about June to November. For us humans it's like waking up hot in the morning because the sun is seeping in through the blinds and is making you sweat even though your air conditioner is set at 75 degrees. The sheets feel kind of clammy and your skin feels about the same as the sheets. You don't want to get out of bed and go to work, assuming that you're the kind of person who has a job to go to. Or if you're idle, like me, you don't want to get up because you have no schedule.

  • Should LGBT Travelers Spend Their Dollars in the Caribbean?

    This summer, Floridian ports will be jam packed with visitors from around the world eager to hit the seas and head to the Caribbean.

  • Singer Aiden Leslie’s Talks Up New Single

    Aiden Leslie’s hot new single, “Nobody Said” is another of the out singer/songwriter’s self-described “diary entries.” In a Skype session from New York, the Cincinnati-born performer discussed his song, which stemmed from a breakup.

  • Singer Ralph Solo Talks Up New Single/Album To The Mirror

    Raph Solo is an out British musician whose work comes from a very personal place. His new single, “Glass of Wine,” from his recent album “Am I Too Much?” address his coming to terms with being gay and finding true love. While his single has an upbeat tempo, Solo shows his considerable range on his new album. He chatted with The Mirrorabout being gay, and making music.

  • SoBe Fest Founder Explores South’s Greatest Delicacy: Fried Chicken

    Brined, battered, double battered, bathed in buttermilk and slathered in secret sauce. Everyone loves fried chicken and there are countless ways to prepare this distinctly American dish.

  • Something’s Cooking in the Kitchen

    The Mirror interviews Ronnie Woo

  • Soviet Style Sexual Repression, Here at Home

    In a piece that Russian lawmakers might very well call “gay propaganda,” The Mirrorbrings you nine U.S. states that have similar anti-gay laws — or what Russian lawmakers would approvingly nod their heads at.

  • Swooning Over Matt Zarley

    A star is not always made out in Hollywood… Sometimes they are just born. This is the case with Matt Zarley, who Billboard Magazine stated, “Stunning. A marquee mainstream artist is born.”

  • Tattoo You. A Brief History Of ‘Tats’

    Once upon a time, in the early 80s, I was in Brazil with my boss and our local sales rep who, during a weekend, took us to the famous Copacabana Beach for sun, fun and people watching. Somehow the conversation turned to tattoos and our rep, a right wing homophobe at best, suddenly said, "People with tattoos are just criminals who belong in jail.”

  • Television and Film: Stonewall is the Fall's Must See Movie

    The fall television schedule offers viewers much more the same fare: increasingly ludicrous reality series and low budget game shows. One pleasant return is the third season of “Please Like Me,” on Pivot. Created by Australian Josh Thomas, the series is a poignant coming of age story about the trials of a young gay man. A great alternative to the latest “Real Housewives” franchise.

  • The ‘Sex Positive’ Revolution

    What is sex positivity?