• OP-ED: The Meteor That Was A Mercury

     If you are reading this story on that day, you are reading about Farrokh Bulsara, AKA, Freddie Mercury, on the anniversary of his death from AIDS 27 years ago.

  • OpEd: All the World’s A Stage

    “Let me be that I am and seek not to alter me.”? William Shakespeare, Much Ado About Nothing

  • OpEd: My Pink Panther Tattoo

    Cartoons are wonderful. Mother Culture feeds us various characters involved in outrageous situations.

  • OpEd: The Swinging Blue Jeans

    Levi Strauss and Jacob Davis patented their riveted design on May 20, 1873.

  • OpEd: Trans in the Workplace

    If you’re of a certain age, you’ll probably recognize the title of this column as the opening line of the theme song from the classic television comedy series “Cheers.” Even in the economic boom times of the 1990’s when “Cheers” was at the top of the television ratings, those words held a lot of resonance for many Americans, and that’s just as true today, especially if you happen to be transgender.

  • Oregon Creates First Liaison to Serve LGBT Vets

    An Oregon senator created a veterans liaison for the state’s LGBT veterans.

  • Our Hen House: Non-Profit Connects Gay Rights to Animal Rights

    Could there be a connection to Stonewall, marriage equality and animal rights? "Our Hen House," a non-profit founded in 2010 by happily married lesbian couple Mariann Sullivan and Jasmin Singer, eloquently argues that there is.

  • Out Destination: Tennessee

    Those planning a fall getaway may initially think of popular LGBT destinations such as New York, Chicago and San Francisco. However, why not think outside the box and head to Tennessee, home to work-class entertainment, fine dining and tons of outdoor adventures.

  • OutRight Fighting for LGBT People Across the Globe

    International org changes name; keeps mission the same

  • Paraíso Gay: Puerto Vallarta

    Whether you’re traveling solo, with a fab group of friends or that special someone, Mexico’s top gay-friendly destination offers a little something for LGBT travelers worldwide, from its renowned luxury amenities and daring adventure options to impeccable world cuisine and exciting gay nightlife. No matter the time of year, you’re sure to enjoy a slice of summer and experience sultry nights to remember.

  • Plight of LGBT Jamaicans Gains Notoriety

    Jamaica is possibly one of the most dangerous spots in the world for LGBT people, but public scrutiny is helping promote change.

  • Pray the Gay Away

    The Mirror takes an in-depth look at conversion therapy

  • Prevews: Classical & Jazz Winter 2016

    Under the direction of Maestra Sebrina Maria Alfonso, the South Florida Symphony again offers a season of inventive programming, beginning with Program II: “The Choral,” Jan. 21 – 15. Opening with Mozart’s Symphony No. 36, “Linz,” the orchestra then teams up with the Master Chorale of South Florida for Beethoven’s masterwork, Symphony No. 9, “The Choral.”

  • Preview: Broadway Winter 2016

    With three world-class performing arts centers within a 70 mile stretch of I-95, South Florida regularly attracts the best touring productions straight from Broadway. The 2016 season is no exception:

  • Preview: Concerts & Comedy Winter 2016

    South Florida’s performing arts and concert venues continue to attract the biggest names, including:

  • Preview: Dance Winter 2016

    The venerable Miami City Ballet is celebrating its 30th anniversary this season and artistic director Lourdes Lopez has lined up an exciting season that pays tribute to the company’s history and provides a vision of the future of professional dance in Miami.

  • Preview: Film & TV Winter 2016

  • Preview: Regional Theater Winter 2016

  • Pride and Progress in the Holy Land

    When people think of Israel, images of violent conflict often come to mind. Founded in 1948 in the aftermath of the Holocaust, the country's original purpose was to give the Jewish people a safe haven in their Biblical homeland. Israel's Arab neighbors didn't take too kindly to the new arrivals. And so many wars have been fought over that tiny strip of land.

  • Prosecutors Seek 12½ Years for Ex-Subway Spokesman Fogle

    Jared Fogle's attorneys asked a judge for leniency Thursday, saying in court documents that the former Subway pitchman "is profoundly sorry" as he awaits sentencing on child pornography and sex-crime charges.