Russian Gay Activist Arrested by Own Parents

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In almost Orwellian fashion, the parents of a 24-year-old Russian activist helped police detain their own son, who was protesting for his right to celebrate gay pride in the city of Kazan.

As Gay Star News reports, activist Dmitry Isakov was arrested twice in the city of Kazan in the Republic of Tatarstan, on June 29 and June 30.

Isakov had asked authorities if he could hold a gay pride march in the city. When they denied, he went on the street with a poster to protest the decision.

It turns out it was his own father who helped police bring the man down to the ground, while his mother snatched the protest sign away from her son’s hands. Isakov was later released and went on to protest the same way the next day, but this time police allegedly beat him and he is now missing, gay rights activist Nikolai Alekseev told GSN.

“ was beaten, insulted and threatened by police and his current location is not known! We need maximum attention to his case! He might be in real danger,” alekseev said. Sergio N. Candido