Russia Wants to Ban French Couples from Adopting

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Following France’s first gay marriage, one Russian official echoing the words of President Vladimir Putin said it is only “logical” to stop adoptions of Russian children by French nationals after the country passed gay marriage.

Russia’s Children’s Rights Commissioner Pavel Astakhov said on May 30 that the new French law would put an end between the countries’ agreement to allow French couples to adopt children.

“It is evident that a moratorium should be imposed until legislation is brought into accord. This is logical,” Russian news agency RIA Novosti quoted Astakhov as saying.

President Putin had already expressed desire in banning all foreign gay couples from adopting children in late March.

Last year, Russian leaders banned Americans from adopting children from their country. The measure became effective on Jan. 1, 2013.

The Gay Star News writes that the ban comes as a result of the U.S. introducing visa and financial sanctions to Russia for its corruption and human rights violations.

Russian gay rights activist Nikolai Alekseev said that the ban will only harm the orphans.

“It will hardly have big consequences for foreign gays and lesbians but will harm Russian children who are kept in very miserable conditions,” he told GSN.

Sergio N. Candido