Jamaican Harlem Shake Goes Anti-Gay

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The Harlem Shake YouTube video has taken the internet by storm. The newest meme to make its way across social media has normally shown people dancing like fools for about 30 seconds.  Now, the Love March Movement in Jamaica has joined the Internet craze to show their ant-gay beliefs.

The Love March Movement was an actual march on Sept. 15, 2012 in Jamaica that has now turned into a Christian movement to represent what the group’s Facebook page calls “Christ’s view on sexual sin.”

The group’s new Harlem Shake video was a plea to Jamaican people to keep the country’s buggery law, a 1500’s law left over from British rule that makes it illegal for a male to have anal sex with a man or a woman. Buggery laws are often referred to as sodomy laws.

The video depicts assumed members of the Movement holding signs that read “gay marriage”, “pedophilia”, “zoophilia”, “loss of freedom of speech”, “loss of freedom of religion” and “the buggery law.”

The video’s creator, D. Marcher, wrote that the buggery law is important to protect Jamaica from several undesirable outcomes, including the ones listed on the placards in the video. He often cites rulings in Canada as his reasons behind his thoughts.

Pedophilia for instance is a concern for the movement, “because scientists have presented to the government in Canada that pedophilia is just another sexual orientation,” Marcher wrote. “The train of thought is that just as the homosexuals have argued saying ‘I can't control my feelings for men it is natural’ in the same way Pedophile have the same ‘natural attractions’.”

Marcher also wrote that repealing the buggery law would lead to men having sex with animals.

“The buggery law also criminalizes anal sex between a man and an animal,” Marcher wrote. “Repealing it would actually be saying that this behavior is acceptable.”

Marcher then goes on to site more instances of anti-gay actions of people outside of Jamaica to support what he said could possibly happen in his country if the buggery law is repealed. He cites anti-gay marriage groups in France, even though that country is close to passing marriage equality.

Jamaica isn’t that innocent in anti-gay actions. Last November, a video surfaced that reportedly showed a gay Jamaican student being beaten by security guards after being caught in a “compromising position” with another man.

Marcher wrote the Love March Movements stands firmly against all acts of violence as violence is also a sin, but still believes he has to protect his country against a formidable and imminent danger.

“All in all, we are protecting the nation from death and destruction, the fruits of the secularist [and the] homosexual agenda,” he added.