Guatemalan President Otto Pérez Molina Says No to Gay Marriage

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While Latin American countries like Argentina, Uruguay and Mexico are making strides toward reaching equality for the LGBT community, Guatemala’s president said he won’t back an international treaty supporting the cause.

Guatemalan President Otto Pérez Molina insisted his country is against gay marriage and abortion and he will not sign a treaty proposed by the Organization of American States. The treaty is set to be discussed today (June 4).

“Guatemala’s rejection of abortion and gay marriage will be made clear,” Molina said on June 3, as reported by La Hora.

Molina’s statement follows protests by Catholic and Evangelical groups in Guatemala, who said they got a hold of the draft treaty and found out the two issues will be a part of it.

Cerón de Verónica, organizer of the “Yes to life” campaign, said protests will continue today as the OAS General Assembly takes place, according to Prensa Libre.

For his part, the Guatemalan leader added that an OAS treaty is not binding and does not require amending national laws.

(h/t Gay Star News)

Sergio N. Candido