African Chief to Media: ‘Lynch Gays’

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Chief of African Tribe Tamale Dakpema Naa Mahamadu Dawuni has reportedly told the media in Ghana  that he endorses the lynching of gays in his capital city, according to XYZ Radio.

XYZ Radio reports that the African youth are angry with reports of homosexual activities in their region that they plan on lynching any person that they suspect to be engaged in homosexuality.

Lawrence Amesu, the country's director for Amnesty International, told  said he and his organization are appalled by the intentions of the youth and Chief Dawuni.

“I think that human rights issues are a bit complex, particularly when people are sticking very close to their national and cultural practices,” Amesu said. “In Ghana I would say that a very large number of people do not still understand some aspects of human rights issues especially when it comes to same sex relationships, I think that what we have to do is to do more education”

Education may not be enough. Chief Dawuni’s spokesperson Abass Salifu told XYZ News that the Chief will support any move to crack down on gay activities in their area.

“The Chief of Tamale says not under his jurisdiction,” Salifu said. “Anybody who attempts , if the group attacks that person in any way he is going to support it.”