Survey: Television Shows Boosting Gay Marriage Support

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Got a conservative friend? Get him to watch “Modern Family,” or perhaps “The New Normal.” A new survey indicates that such shows are helping to change and shape opinions regarding gay marriage.

A survey by This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.&link=6060top=">Ipsos MediaCT found that 18 percent of viewers ages 13 to 64 affirm television has positively influenced their opinion on the issue.

“With everything from higher profile portrayals of gay characters, to celebrity support of gay marriage, to last year’s groundbreaking endorsement by President Obama, we are seeing a shift in our culture that is being influenced by popular culture,” Ben Spergel, senior vice president and head of TV insights at Ipsos MediaCT, said in a statement.

Shows like Modern Family, The New Normal and Glee (the last two co-created by openly gay producer Ryan Murphy) portray gay parents in a positive light.

Survey results also showed that nearly 44 percent of those surveyed said they support gay marriage and television has not changed their opinion, while 28 percent have not changed their opposition to the issue.

The poll was conducted from Monday, April 1 to Sunday, April 7, 2013 using a nationwide sample of 1,096 persons aged 13 to 64 who watch prime time television at least two nights a week.

“Based on this data, I think we can conclude that TV has, at least in part, moved the needle of public opinion to see same-sex marriage in a positive way,” Spergel said.

Television influence could play a role as the U.S. Supreme Court gets ready to issue a decision on two crucial gay marriage cases in June.

(h/t The Wrap) Sergio N. Candido