Two More Dead from Meningitis, Death Toll at Three

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The deaths of two more Southern California men have been linked to an outbreak of bacterial meningitis that is responsible for the death of 33 year old West Hollywood lawyer Brett Shaad according to NBC 4.

The AIDS Healthcare Foundation announced at a press conference on Tuesday the deaths of 30 year olds Rjay Spoon and an unidentified student from San Diego State University. Both men died in December of last year. AHF has started offering free vaccinations in California in response to the outbreak and deaths.

Rjay Spoon's partner, Casey Hayden, told reporters at that news conference doctors were confused by Spoon’s symptoms.

“We went to the hospital and the first thing they said it was a drug overdose," Hayden said. "Then they said it was extremely advanced HIV, which was not the case. He was negative."

A similar outbreak in New York has left seven gay men dead.

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Ryan Dixon