Santa Fe Votes to Legalize Gay Marriage in the State

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New Mexico’s capital has approved a resolution to legalize gay marriage in the state.

Five city councilors voted in favor of equal marriage, one voted against it, and two abstained, according to KOB Channel 4.

While the measure does not legalize same-sex marriage in the city, it puts pressure on state legislators to take action.

Many LGBT supporters attended the April 24 city meeting.

“I have never felt such joy. It’s amazing. This is about equality,” supporter Carol Norris told KOB.

Dozens of opponents who were also present at the meeting were not content with the outcome.

“Satin is, I believe…and I really mean this, Satan is down in Hell clapping at this point over what they have just done,” said  Father Duncan Lanum, from St Thomas Anglican Church, who argued the decision would divide the state.

Councilors Ron Trujillo and Carmichael Dominguez, both members of local Roman Catholic parishes, voted in favor of the resolution, according to the Santa Fe New Mexican.

“I was brought up by loving parents and loving grandparents not to hate,” Trujillo said. “It amazes me — I don’t want to bring in religion, I really don’t — but that has been thrown at me every single day since this has been brought up, that I’m a bad Catholic and that I’m going to be in Purgatory burning in hell.”

He added, “What I’m trying to say is I just feel that everybody should be afforded the opportunity that I was afforded to get married and live happily in this city … the city of Holy Faith.”

The decision comes a month after Santa Fe Mayor David Coss and several city officials held a press conference announcing that gay couples should be allowed to marry in New Mexico because the state’s marriage law is gender-neutral.

“It’s time to push this issue,” Mayor Coss said at the event on March 19.

WATCH: The moment New Mexico voted in favor of gay marriage.

Sergio N. Candido