Loser to Transgender MMA Fighter Appealing Loss

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Ericka Newsome lost to Fallon Fox in just 39 seconds a few weeks ago in a mixed martial arts fight. Now that news of Fox being a transgender woman has surfaced, Newsome is appealing the loss and using Fox’s gender identity as an excuse for the loss according to OutSports.

In an interview with CNN’s Brianna Keilar, Newsome said she didn’t think it was unfair that she fought Fox, but wanted to know her gender identity before the fight.

“I feel that it should have been disclosed to me ahead of time,” Newsome said. “So we are aware and able to be better prepared for the situation.”

Keilar countered with asking what Newsome had to be prepared for. Newsome stumbled over the question, turning to her manager Matthew Hambleton to help her answer.

“She's trying to say knowing what you're getting into, you know,” Hambleton said. “Not having any disclosure of something of that nature, you know, approximate it puts a lot of stress after the fight obviously as this story is breaking.”

When asked for if Newsome would seek a rematch, Hambleton replied they would love to have a rematch, but said not because of Fox’s camp not disclosing that she used to be a man, but because the knockout knee to the face Newsome received never happened.

“If you do watch the fight from multiple angles, you're going see she (Newsome) takes a grazed knee to the chin but she took no real damage,” Hambleton said. “She didn't get knocked out.”

Watch Newsom and Hambleton on CNN:

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