Go-Go Dancing Teacher Fired Over Possible Craigslist Gay Hook-Up

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Matthew Maleski

A New York City special education teacher has been fired after a colleague discovered emails and risqué photos he sent to another man in an apparent Craigslist hook-up on their shared account, according to an investigation by the NYC Department of Education.

Matthew Maleski had been working at  Elementary School Robert L. Stevenson for a little over a year before receiving the ax according to the New York Daily News. Besides teaching, Maleski appears in a YouTube video as a guest go-go dancer at a party in San Francisco as well as an advertisement for the gay social app Hornet.

The emails in question were sent between Oct. 14 and Oct. 28, 2012. Maleski was responding to different unidentified Craigslist ads with emails that school Principal Tara Napoleoni called “sexual in nature” along with photographs of himself dressed only in boxer shorts.

Malenski admitted to investigators that he had sent those emails and photos. He said the reason those emails were in the shared account was because he has the email account linked to his cellphone and had sent them on accident.

Malenski was fired three months after the investigation concluded. Connie Pankratz, director of Communications for the Department of Education, said Maleski was allowed to work and finish the school year while the investigation was still ongoing.

Watch Matthew Maleski in a promo video for a San Francisco dance party:

Read the redacted investigation report:

NYC Department of Education Report on Matthew Maleski