Gay-Related Sports Website, OutSports, Starts 2013 NCAA Basketball Tournament Pool

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Calling all college hoops fans!

March Madness is officially upon us, and to basketball fans it can sometimes be the most stressful. Why, you may ask? Because millions of people spend countless hours—and often a lot of money—entering their tournament brackets in different competitions.

If you’re one of these fans, feel free to enter the OutSports 2013 Bracket Pool. The free pool uses its own scoring system where points are awarded for correct picks and bonuses for upset wins. A perfect bracket will net you 231 points.

If you find yourself unsure of a pick, Yahoo Sports has you covered. First is Yahoo’s list of sleepers and bracket busters to watch out for. Second, Yahoo gives you their insider expertise and tips on how you can win this pool or whatever pool you enter.

To join the OutSports pool click here.

As a side note, OutSports’ Cyd Zeigler will be sending SFGN his bracket later this week. Maybe we could pay homage to Mike and Mike and put a nice friendly wager on our brackets.

What do you say, Cyd? Ryan Dixon