Gay Marriage Approval Reaches All-Time High

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Just weeks before the U.S. Supreme Court will decide on two crucial gay marriage cases, Americans’ support for same-sex marriage is enjoying its highest rate of acceptance ever, according to a recent Gallup poll.

Gallup’s annual Values and Beliefs survey asked 1,535 people their thoughts on 20 behaviors, which included gay and lesbian relationships, teen sex, gambling, and stem cell research, among others.

Results show that acceptance for gay couples has increased 19 percent to reach a record high of 59 percent approval since the survey was started in 2001.

Tolerance toward having a baby outside of formal marriage has also risen 15 percentage point to reach a 60 percent approval.

What do Americans morally disapprove the most? Having extra-marital affairs. According to the survey, nine in 10 people said they think the behavior is morally unacceptable. Among other issues U.S. citizens think are cloning humans, polygamy, suicide, pornography, and teenagers having sex.

Attitudes toward two items -- doctor-assisted suicide and abortion -- are evenly split, with less than half of Americans seeing each as either morally acceptable or morally unacceptable.

Sergio N. Candido