Billy Elliot: A ‘Dancing’ Musical

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Billy Elliot the Musical

There’s no denying the unforgettable young talent showcased in the national tour of Billy Elliot playing through the weekend at Kravis in West Palm Beach.

Four children play the part of Billy including Ben Cook, Drew Minard, Noah Parets and Boca Raton native Mitchell Tobin.

Tobin is a 12-year-old 7th grader at Bak Middle School of the Arts. Before the performance last Thursday night he told WPTV "I'm not really nervous, I'm more excited to show my friends Billy Elliot and what Billy Elliot is really about and why I really wanted it.”

Jeff Wolmetz of Delray Beach had nothing but praise for the show:  “This show has the most amazing talent I have ever seen in a child. I had shivers and chills during the ‘electricity’ scene.”

The musical tells the story of one boy's journey to become a ballet dancer and the resistance he faces from his family. It takes place in 1984-85 during the UK miners' strike in County Durham, in North Eastern England. It’s based on the 2000 film Billy Elliot.

Many members of the gay community would be able to relate to Billy’s dilemma of growing up in a small town and not conforming to what society says how a young man is supposed to act, or what profession he’s supposed to choose. Early in the show Billy trades in his boxing shoes for his dancing shoes.

Because of the UK setting the characters speak in thick British accents making it difficult to understand them at times. One audience member exclaimed during the intermission, summed it up perfectly, “I love the show, but can’t understand a word they’re saying!”

The scenes that stuck out the most were easily ‘Angry Dance’ and ‘Electricity’ which the show is famous for.