Applicant Alleges CO State Patrol Didn't Hire Him Because He's Gay

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DENVER (AP) -- The Colorado Personnel Board has voted to hear a complaint by a man who alleges the State Patrol didn't hire him because he's gay.

The State Patrol contends it didn't hire Cory Cutting because of dishonesty in certain areas, including a question about whether he had ever engaged in prostitution.

KMGH-TV in Denver reports that after Cutting applied to become an intelligence analyst, a polygraph test examiner asked him about an incident in Mexico in which Cutting took someone to his hotel room and the person later asked him for money. Cutting says he didn't pay and doesn't consider that incident prostitution.

Cutting's attorney says the examiner improperly asked Cutting if the person in the hotel was a man. Asking job applicants about sexual orientation is prohibited in Colorado.