Anti-Gay Robocall Pressuring Illinois Rep. Mike Smiddy to Vote Against Gay Marriage

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An anti-gay robocall intended to pressure a state rep. against supporting same-sex marriage may have the opposite effect.

Mike Smiddy, a Hinsdale Democrat, is the target of a bizarre robocall that has been stirring controversy this week.

In the call, Paul Caprio, head of conservative Family PAC, urges 71st Dist. constituents to call him and tell him to vote against legalizing same-sex marriage.

"Your state representative, Mike Smiddy, has received $6,500 from Chicago homosexuals, promoting same-sex marriage, according to state records," Caprio says. "Same-sex marriage denies children the right to know who their real parent is. Now Smiddy is threatening to vote in favor of the same-sex marriage bill. Who is Smiddy representing, the Chicago homosexuals or your family? Tell Smiddy to vote no on same-sex marriage and return the homosexual money immediately."

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