Anti-Gay Radio Pundit: LGBT News Sites Can Turn Children Gay

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If you’re reading this right now, be warned, you might turn gay. That’s what anti-gay Mission American’s radio show host Linda Harvey says.

On a recent radio program Harvey claimed that LGBT news sites and blogs “that are sympathetic to the social and political goals of the homosexual movement” can deceive children into thinking they might be gay.

Taking it up a notch, she warns parents that “homosexual-themed pornography is extremely accessible to young people if they ever visit any websites covering the gay agenda as news” and “if they ... visit these sites some will experience sexual feelings and mistake these for the pervasive fiction of some inborn gay identity.”

But gay news sites aren’t the only ones with the power of turning children gay she says. Films and President Barack Obama have the same effect on youngsters: “Hollywood and even the top leaders in our country are all busy selling homosexuality to kids” and this message has the ability to “stir feelings in a young person that were not in play before.”

Harvey is known for making such claims. She’s said in the past that gay rights would not only cost jobs, but also lives, and that gays love Halloween due to its ‘demonic’ origins.

Listen to Harvey’s commentary on the dangers of LGBT news sites in the clip below, via Right Wing Watch:

Sergio N. Candido