UPDATE: Audio Added - Former Lesbian Singer Michelle Shocked Goes Anti-Gay, Petition Starts to Cancel Concerts

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UPDATE: 03/21/13 11:30AM - New Audio recording of rant surfaces.

After coming out as lesbian in 1990, singer Michelle Shocked lived up to her namesake by going on an anti-gay tirade at a recent concert in San Francisco.

Shocked’s first set went on without an incident, but while onstage for her second set  Shocked said she lives in fear that the world would be destroyed if gays are allowed to marry, according to tweets from concert goers. The venue shut the show down.

In 1990, Shocked told a reporter for Outlines that she had a female lover and struggled with coming out.

I was with my first woman lover about a year and a half ago,” Shocked said. “To be honest, the real fear of coming out of the closet, not fear, but the real pressures of coming out of the closet had been if you had certain problems identifying yourself one way or the other.”

Fast forward to 2011 and Shocked calls herself the world’s biggest homophobe.

Shocked egged on concert goers with more statements including: “When they stop Prop 8 and force priests at gunpoint to marry gays, it will be the downfall of civilization and Jesus will come back.”

“You can go on Twitter and say ‘Michelle Shocked says God hates fags’,” Shoked said before fans stormed out of Yoshi’s club, in San Francisco.

And tweet they did.

Christine Penfield wrote on Twitter that, “ seemed clear that she designed the show to deliver this message.”

Another angry Twitter user went as far as calling for Shocked to commit suicide:


Shocked responded to the criticism with a simple tweet:


The repercussions of the singer’s comments have escalated to such point that an online petition has been stared against the singer.

John Becker from Burlington, Vermont has started a petition on change.org asking venues like the Harmony Bar in Madison, Wisconsin to the Kings Place Folk Union in London to cancel her upcoming appearances.

Becker’s petition has nearly 2,000 signatures asking the venues if their performance venues “want to be associated with an artist who promotes that kind of ugly hatred.”

According to Becker, Evanston SPACE in Illinois has already cancelled an upcoming Shocked concert in light of her anti-gay rant.

“Freedom of speech and artistic expression are critically important, but this isn't free speech,” Becker wrote in his petition letter. “This is hate speech.” Ryan Dixon