Folk Singer Jenny Owen Youngs Comes Out

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The singer, who rose to alternative music fame in 2005 with her single “Fuck Was I,” announced she is “super gay” in a blog post on Everyone Is Gay on June 12. The 31-year-old artist said she refused to make an announcement because she believes that “coming out to be a thing that anyone has to do.”

“However, I’ve come to realize in recent months that a big part of my desire to hide this aspect of myself was rooted in those dusty old feelings: that there is something wrong, something bad, something less-than about being gay,” she wrote.

Youngs also said that she’ll be getting married to her partner, Kristin Russo, co-founder of, this summer.

In an interview with Auto Straddle, the New Jersey native said she was hesitant about coming out because she didn’t want to be labeled as a “gay” artist. She also comes from a conservative born-again Christian family.

“Now tons of artists are out, casually out, and it's totally fine,” she told Auto Straddle. “However I don't think that we're living in a beautiful utopia or anything – obviously some areas are more liberal than other areas of the planet but as far as the arts community is concerned, at least for musicians, there seems to be less of a stigma ... I'd love for nobody to ever make any sort of announcement. I feel weird having even written a thing because, who fucking cares?”

(h/t Huffington Post) Sergio N. Candido