Miami Judge Rejects Plea Deal in Fake Transgender Doctor Case

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Miami-Dade Circuit Judge Ellen Sue Venzer rejected a plea deal as “too light” for Ron Oneal Morris, the trans fake doctor accused of killing two patients with hazardous cosmetic fillers.

On June 25, Judge Venzer nixed a plea deal that would have sent Morris to 180 days in jail. Morris injected Fix-a-Flat, Super Glue and mineral oil into women’s bodies for cosmetic purposes, causing the death of Shatarka Nuby, one of the victims who went to the police after receiving injections filled with a concoction of products bought at Home Depot.

“I don’t think it’s appropriate, not for the charges, not for second-degree felonies. These charges carry 30 years,” Venzer told The Miami Herald.

Morris operated her illegal business in both Miami-Dade and Broward County. In Broward, she faces a manslaughter count in connection with Nuby’s death.

According to SFGN trans columnist Victoria Michaels, Morris gained popularity among members of the transgender community eager to transition, but who did not have the funds to seek treatment at a certified clinic.

“This is an overwhelming problem that plagues our transgender community as there just aren’t any LGBT organizations willing to assist transgenders in their desperate need to transition,” Michaels wrote in a 2012 column. Sergio N. Candido