Gay South Florida Ponzi Scheme Victim Protests in Front of Wilton Station

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Michael Nunnenkamp protested in front of Wilton Station in Wilton Manors to raise awareness of what he says is a father-daughter Ponzi team that stole at least $10,000 from him.

Michael Nunnenkamp set himself in front of Wilton Station on Feb. 19 at 9 a.m. and protested against its management.

On the back of his wheelchair, a sign stuck to the handlebars through pierced holes. It read: PONZI THIEF MANAGER @ WILTON STATION. And in Nunnenkamp’s front he held another sign: JANET & JIM ELLIS STOLE MY $ MONEY $.

The president of the board at Wilton Station, Peggy Kennedy, came out to confront Nunnenkamp and explained to him what extortion meant, among other things. She then told him that she and 40 other people would go and protest in front of a local Target, where his partner works.

According to Nunnenkamp, she said, “We’re going to destroy you.”

SFGN called Kennedy at home. A woman answered and said Kennedy wasn’t available and hung up. A second call was neither answered nor returned.

Nunnenkamp is another alleged victim of George Elia, Jim Ellis and Janet Ellis. Ellis — who confessed to a federal charge of fraud on Feb. 1 — allegedly worked alongside George Elia, who’s facing 180 years in prison on similar charges.

His victims include many at Wilton Station, an upper-class condominium complex in Wilton Manors. Ellis would entice potential investors to put their money with his “accountant” George Elia, who he said got him hefty returns. These sentiments were enforced as Ellis lived lavishly, spending big at bars and restaurants on the soon-to-be Ponzi victims. From the beginning, the accusations have spilled over onto Janet Ellis, a property manager at Wilton Station, but none of them have stuck so far.

For the full story, check out the Feb. 20 issue of SFGN.