Florida Family Association Spends Over 12K on Anti-Gay Banner-Dragging Plane During Gay Days

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Watermark has gotten our hands on the invoice for the infamous banner-dragging plane that flies over Orlando every year, warning innocent families about Gay Day at Disney.

The invoice (you can see it for yourself after the jump) tells us two key things:

1. The Florida Family Association books the plane FAR in advance. At first, we thought we were looking at last year’s invoice but no – it’s just that the FFA books the darn thing one week after the previous Gay Days.

2. Daaaaamn, this thing is expensive. Really, FFA? $12,300 dollars spent not on helping people who need help or making the world  better, but flying this stupid plane that really probably does more to advertise Gay Days than deter people from coming? What a waste.

From our media partner WatermarkJamie Hyman