Company Unwraps Newly Designed, Stronger Condoms

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A California company is rolling out a new condom that they believe will revolutionize the way people have sex while still protecting them from unwanted pregnancy, HIV and other STDs.

Origami Condoms are the first condoms to be made with injection- molded engineered silicone instead of conventional latex or animal skin.

“The latex condom was strictly protection. No one liked using it,” Origami Condoms' creator and company founder Danny Resnic told The Huffington Post. “We are trying to create a condom that feels great and is much closer to the real deal to encourage people to use them.”

The real deal means making a condom that folds like an accordion instead of being rolled-up. That design allows for the condom to be put on in less than three seconds. Origami has also added their folded design to a female condom, and has made the first condom specifically made for anal sex.

Last month, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation referred to the new condom company as an innovator for sexual health on its blog.

"Origami Condoms provides an excellent example of a private enterprise focused on new condom design to promote consistent use by emphasizing the sexual experience," the blog post reads.

The foundation is offering $100,000 to innovators to redesign the condom as part of a campaign for global health initiatives.

Innovation is not something new to the condom market. J&D’s is marketing the first bacon flavored lube and condoms.

Origami Condoms expect their product to be done with trials and ready for consumers in 2015. Ryan Dixon