SFGN May Photo Campaign: Marriage

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Send your marriages photos to SFGN (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) for a chance to be featured. Submit your photos using the hashtag #Marriage.

For this campaign we’re partnering with the Facebook page Gay Marriage USA, the largest gay marriage campaign (more than 350,000 likes) on Facebook founded by Murray Lipp. 'Like' the page here.

In June the Supreme Court will announce two of the most important decisions regarding gay marriage and gay rights when they decide whether or not to overturn the Defense of Marriage Act and Prop 8 in California. Both of the decisions will have a lasting affect on the gay rights movement for decades to come.

In advance of the decisions we wanted to celebrate the numerous same-sex couples that have already taken the plunge and gotten married. We’re simply calling our campaign this month #Marriage because we believe that marriage is marriage whether it’s two guys, two girls or a guy and a girl.

Help SFGN spread the word by sharing or re-tweeting its #Marriage Facebook and Twitter posts. We’ll be featuring the photos in print and online in June.

We launched our monthly photo campaigns in February, first celebrating the month of love by featuring couples in our #LoveWins campaign, and in our second we featured ladies who love ladies in #ThisIsWhatALesbianLooksLike in honor of Women’s History Month in March.