Ricky Martin Reacts to Puerto Rico’s Gay Parent Adoptions Ban: ‘I am Extremely Upset with This Decision’

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Ricky Martin (Twitter)

As I wrote last week, the Puerto Rican Constitutional Court voted 5-4 to deny second patent adoption rights for a lesbian woman hoping to strengthen the parenting protections for her partner's children which both were raising as their own.

At the time I also mentioned that Ricky Martin - the best known openly gay figure from Puerto Rico and a father of two children himself - expressed his huge disappointment with the decision through Twitter by telling his 8,000,000+ followers "So sad, I see this as turning our backs on childhood. So many orphans who want the warmth of 1 home."

Two days later, the pop idol sent a second tweet on the subject with a link to a Noticel article in which the lesbian couple who lost the case came out publicly adding the following message:

"I implore that the Supreme Court of #PuertoRico reconsider this decision for the sake of the girl," said Martin.

Martin, who finished a successful run as Ché in the Broadway revival of Evita! on January 26th had left for Australia to tape segments of the 2nd Australian season of The Voice but was back in the United States last week for the Premios Lo Nuestro award show which aired on Univisión on February 21st.

He made the trip back to these shores to perform the first single from his former Menudo band mate and renown producer and music lyricist Draco Rosa's new album "Vida."

After the performance, Martin and Rosa headed backstage to face a gaggle of entertainment reporters which saw the following exchange as captured by the cameras of WebCityGirls.com:

ENTERTAINMENT REPORTER: Could you tells us what you were thinking when you sent a tweet in which you said you were completely opposed to what Puerto Rico had done in banning homosexual individuals from adopting children. Can you tell us more about it?

RICKY MARTIN: I could spend an hour speaking about this issue. For obvious reasons I am extremely upset with this decision. It's beside the point. I have taken strong positions in favor of human rights and I believe it was like turning our back on the children and, of course, it's terrible... But I insist: We are here to talk about [Draco Rosa's album] "Vida", [the single] "Mas y Mas" and the beautiful things that are happening in this world. Not the bad things. Thank you!

You can see that Martin doesn't want the issue to take away from what is meant to be Draco Rosa's night but he doesn't back away from expressing strong feelings about the issue.

As for Rosa, he wrote and produced several tracks on Martin's first and only album since coming out "Música + Alma + Sexo" so it's no surprise it sounds like a track that could have been included in that album.

Here is the video for "Mas y Mas" featuring Martin from Rosa's new duets album "Vida":

Note: Thanks to WebCityGirls.com for the backstage Premios Lo Nuestro footage.

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