Senator takes Porn Star On Date, Honesty is Still the Best Policy

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Openly gay Minnesota State Senator Paul Koering took porn star Brandon Wilde out to dinner in Brainerd, Minnesota, earlier this month. While some senators, like Senator Roy Ashburn, prefer—or try to—keep their dalliances private until they get caught, koering went on the date openly.

He even went to pick up the actor.

According to—no, not—Koering, 45, feels he has no reason to hide the evening out with the porn star, who is 25 years his junior. “I don’t see anything wrong with going out with him. Do I think that being a porn star is the best thing? no. But that’s his choice. I think he’s a nice guy.”

Wilde, according to his Twitter account, was excited about the dinner date, wherein they dined on new york Strip steak and beef medallions.

“Lol, so funny!! In 45 mins im going 2 dinner with the senator :).”

After the casual date, Wilde was available for commentary.

“I think he wanted to get in my pants, truthfully,” he told, which comes as a shock to us here at SFGN, as we all know politicians don’t have sex before marriage... in this case, a gay marriage that koering voted against in 2009. “And he was pretty flirty. But it was just dinner. We both were checking out the waiter though. It was fun.”

Although Wilde’s commentary on the date has been less than erudite, the senator would indeed like a second date. However, given Wilde’s post-dinner words, I wouldn’t encourage koering to sit by the Blackberry.

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