UK’s Brighton Pride Hosts Queer Prom

Brighton Pride lasts for three days and usually attracts about 400,000 attendees, and one of the featured events on the first day of its celebration was a Queer Prom.  

 Queer Prom is an opportunity for those who didn’t necessarily have a good experience during their prom to have a do-over. It’s an event that isn’t restricted by gender roles, dress code, or sexuality, but is instead a chance to be “around people and a community of people who understand [you], rather than having to stand out,” Jules Guaitamacchi, who runs the event with their partner Vicki Cook, said to the BBC. 

“The school dance and the school prom are still very heteronormative experiences. Men go in tuxedos and women go in a dress and that's just the way it is. It's a very difficult thing to be able to embrace your sexuality and embrace who you are when you're surrounded by people who are going to bully or judge you,” they said. 

Guaitamacchi and Cook put on their first Queer Prom in 2014 and had a Winter Prom earlier this year. They’re planning for it to be a bi-annual event so that more people will be able to have the prom they always wanted.  

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