U.K. Girlguiding Leaders Defends Transgender Inclusion

The top leaders of Britain’s Girlguide, similar to Girl Scouts, released a letter to their members defending the new transgender-inclusive policy.

The statement follows the expulsion of two volunteers from the organization after they protested to the policy. One of the two, Helen Watts, said that girls should have a right to “female-only spaces” when it comes to bathrooms, showers, and sleeping accommodations.

"It's about putting girls at the center and making sure that if girls would prefer to have a single sex space they have that choice without the fear of themselves being labelled bigots," she said, reported the BBC.

Girlguiding’s chief guide Amanda Melder and acting chief executive Ruth Marvel disagree.

"In the last few days you may have seen that Girlguiding's equality and diversity policy has been criticised in the media, with accusations that our inclusion of trans members puts girls at risk. It does not,” they said in the letter. “Simply being transgender does not make someone more of a safeguarding risk than any other person.”

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