U.K. Bisexual People Find it Hard to Come Out at Work

While gay and lesbian individuals in the United Kingdom don’t have much trouble being out at work, bisexual people are finding it harder, according to Financial Times.

 LGBT organization, Stonewall did a study on LGBT equality and acceptance in the workplace and found that 90 percent of gay and lesbian workers say their workplace is inclusive. Comparatively, 69 percent of bisexual men, and 63 percent of bisexual women said the same. Darren Towers, executive director of Stonewall, says workers should learn to identify and discuss tackling biphobia.

“Certainly from our experience we find there’s a lot of anti-bi banter in some workplaces, a lot of stereotypes around bi people, so that makes it difficult for them to be out at work. Banter can be seemingly harmless but it can have quite a significant impact,” Towers said. 

Stonewall also gave Citi bank a bi-inclusion award, as they run sessions on bisexual identity and issues.