Two Women ‘Bachelor’ Contestants Confess Love for Each Other

Love was found during a “Bachelor” rose ceremony — but not in a way most would expect.

Minh Thu from reality love show “The Bachelor: Vietnam” was about to be sent home from the rose ceremony, but didn’t call it quits for her love life there. Instead, she told bachelor Nguyen Quoc Trung about a separate connection to co-contestant Truc Nhu.

“I went into this competition to find love and I’ve found that love for myself, but it isn’t with you,” she said during the ceremony according to English translations on YouTube. “It’s someone else.”

Crying, she then walked over to Nhu and hugged her.

“Come home with me,” she whispered. “Come home with me.”

Thu handed her rose to Nhu, who accepted it and agreed to leave the show with her. Nhu then approached the bachelor.

“I’m sorry. I really want to get to know you,” she said. “Because you’re someone who made me feel special, and I haven’t felt that way in a long time.”

Bachelor Trung replied, saying “This doesn’t change my decision” to give her the rose but also advised “You only get one chance in this life and you need to take it. Only you, not anyone else.”

“I want to let you know that I think you’ll have regret if you continue with what you are about to say.”

With dramatic pause, Nhu still decided to return the rose to the bachelor, indicating she wished to leave the show. “I’m sorry. I’m giving back your rose,” she said, hugging him before making her exit speech and leaving with Thu.

According to Next Shark, however, after the show Nhu and Trung had a discussion and ultimately decided that Nhu would remain on the show.

Watch the clip below.

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