Straight Male Politicians Hold Hands in Solidarity for Gay Victims of Violent Attack

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A gay couple was brutally attacked by a group of men in the Netherlands for holding hands on Saturday. Now, politicians are publicly joining together with the hashtag #allmenhandinhand.

Jasper Vernes-Sewratan and his husband Ronnie Sewratan-Vernes said they were returning home when a group of six to eight men shouted homophobic slurs at them before a violent assault using bolt cutters. The couple was hospitalized with missing teeth and lacerations.  

“We normally never do it (hand holding). Not really,” the couple told LGBTQ Nation. “We are not the provocative type. And in the year 2017 just cannot just walk hand in hand without getting hurled insults at your head.”

Politicians have taken to social media in solidarity with the victims of the attack. They are holding hands for photos with the hashtag #allmenhandinhand (translated from the original Dutch hashtag $allemanenhandinhand). 

SFGN SolidarityLodewijk

“Particular that some react with ‘Bunch of gays,’” Deputy Prime Minister and Leader of the Labor Party Lodewijk Asscher tweeted in Dutch, including a photo of him holding hands with another man.

Democrats 66 Party Leader Alexander Pechtold also contributed, holding hands with Wouter Koolmees, a member of his party.

SFGN SolidairtyAlexander

“Stop the violence against gays,” he wrote.

The male employees of the United Nations also participated in New York, as did the country’s police force on Instagram.

SFGN SolidarityPolice

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