Russia Approves Pride Parade for the First Time — and Immediately Cancels It

Russia’s seven-person village of Yeblonevy was going to be the site of the country’s first approved pride parade, but the permission was revoked less than 24 hours after it was given. 

The shut-down came from Gennady Denikayev, the town manager of the nearby larger industrial settlement Novoulyanovsk. The parade, scheduled for Aug. 26, was predicted to have 300 attendees. 

“I made a decision, there will be no gay parade. We intend to protect traditional family values and, foremost, our children from the propaganda of nontraditional sexual relations,” he said to Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty. 

The decision is in line with Russia’s 2013 ruling against “homosexual propaganda,” which is used to shut down LGBT events.

The parade was originally approved by Novoulyanovsk city administration head Svetlana Kosarinova, who organizer of the parade and prominent LGBT activist Nikolai Alekseev called “the bravest person in Russia” on Facebook. 

Alekseev has been petitioning for Russian pride parades since the mid-2000s, even taking it to a court case in 2012 that he lost. He isn’t giving up, however — he’s requested five more cities to hold a march in since the recent refusal, reported Newsweek.

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