Romania May Change Marriage Definition to Oppose LGBT Couples

Romania’s citizens will vote on whether or not to tweak the definition of marriage from “spouse” to specifically one man and one woman on Oct. 7.


The senate and Constitutional Court approved of the referendum following a petition signed by three million Romanians who supported the change, saying it would help preserve the “traditional family.” Same-sex marriage are illegal in the country, and “could result in making it impossible to protect same-sex unions in the future, said Amnesty International according to the Independent.

"This referendum is essentially asking people to approve discriminating against their neighbours, colleagues, friends and family members. Rainbow families, diverse family groups, loving families living in Romania right now are all threatened by this proposal," Katrin Hugendubel, European advocacy director at the International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Intersex Association (IGLA), said.

Romania is ranked 35 out of 49 European countries when it comes to LGBT rights, according to the IGLA’s European branch. Most public disapproval comes from the widespread Orthodox Church.

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