Queer Podcast Looks Into What It’s Like to be LGBT in Africa

A podcast called “AfroQueer,” produced by African digital media company None on Record, has uploaded four episodes on the lives of LGBT people in Africa.

 Law, migration, race, film, censorship, family, and sex are just some of the topics that the podcast covers. It goes around the continent, focusing on events like the murder of Sierra Leonean lesbian activist FannyAnn Eddy in 2004 and on pride parades in Johannesburg and Uganda, among others.

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“The kinds of narratives that are shared about African LGBT experiences are generally only stories of victimisation and violence … but we also have stories of resilience and people pushing against different forms of oppression,” the series’ Executive Producer Selly Thiam said.

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They chose the series’ medium to be a podcast so that people can listen to it on earbuds in secret, said None on Records’ Arts and Culture Director Aida Holly-Nambi. Public opinion and laws concerning LGBT people widely vary throughout the continent, but tend to be negative — across the board, tolerance of “homosexuals and other groups” are at the bottom of tolerance lists, with ethnicity, immigrants, religion, and people living with HIV/AIDS beating it out, reported the Center for Risk Analysis at the South African Institute of Race Relations. 

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