Pro-Gay Italian Scientist Says Vaccines Turn People Gay

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An Italian scientist who believes homosexuality is a disease said in an interview with Vice Italy that mercury in vaccines enters the brains of children and turns them gay.

Gian Paolo Vanoli is a scientist and journalist, as well as a staunch opponent of vaccinations. He said that once a child in inoculated, when they grow up and try to find their personality, that child will most likely be gay. He also believes being gay is hereditary.

“The problem will especially be present in the next generations, because when gays have children, the children will carry along with them the DNA of their parent’s illness,” Vanoli said according to The Huffington Post.

“The reality is that it is so. Each vaccination produces homosexuality, because it prevents the formation of one’s personality.”

Even though he claims homosexuality is a hereditary disease, Vanoli has been a vocal supporter of gay adoption and marriage in the past. He claims that vaccines “disrupt life” and are a “microform of autism.”

Vaccinations have been blamed for causing autism in young children. Ryan Dixon

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