Priest Welcomes LGBT Members into the Church at a Vatican World Conference

LGBT advocate Reverend James Martin’s speech at the Vatican-sponsored World Meeting of Families received a standing ovation. The event focused on reversing church stereotypes about gay people.

The community should be loved and listened to like Christ welcomed marginalized communities, he said, instead of being treated “like lepers by the church.” He also argued that the church tends to focus on the sexual morality of the LGBT community, while the same thing is ignored with straight Catholics, according to the Washington Post.

“By not welcoming, by excluding LGBT Catholics, the church is falling short of its call to being God’s family … Many if not most LGBT Catholics have been deeply wounded by our church. Apologize to them,” Martin said.

Martin has had talks cancelled by organizers in the United States due to conservative groups pushing against his message, but this talk in Dublin, Ireland went through despite petitions that it be called off.

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