Palestinian Gay Couple Killed in Gaza Bombing

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A Palestinian gay coupled was killed when an Israeli bomb hit their apartment building, the Gay Star News reports.

The gay men were 21 and 31 years old. The incident took place on Nov. 16.

“The bombs that Israel drops on Gaza kill Palestinians without discrimination between young and old, male and female, straight and gay,” Abdu Rawashda, from the group Queers for Palestine, told GSN.

“LGBT people in Gaza are caught in difficult position, on the one side we have the Israeli aggression and siege which traps us in a huge prison and makes our life intolerable, even when they are not bombing us. The situation is ten times worse now.”

In a different bombing, a Palestinian lesbian activist said several family members were wounded during another attack on Monday, Nov. 19.

According to GSN, homosexuality is illegal in Gaza, however, the law does not state that lesbians have to abide by it.

Israel and the Hamas militant group agreed today (Nov. 21) to a cease-fire after eight days of intense fighting, the Associated Press reports.

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