Malaysian LGBT Activists Unbury Hate Crimes in a Report to Police

A group of 15 LGBT Malaysians approached the police after a recent rise in death threats and hate crimes targeted toward their community.

The change comes after two portraits of LGBT activists were ordered to be taken down from a public photo exhibition by the government, said Elisha Kor Krishnan, the leader of the group and founder of human rights organization Pertubuhan Kesihatan dan Kebajikan Malaysia, which translates to the Malaysian Health and Welfare Organization.

“LGBT people are Malaysian citizens, full members of our society, as such should be treated with equality, respect and dignity, so that they can live their lives without the constant fear of being attacked and exposed to hate-crime,” she said in a statement, reported MalayMail.

And religious groups encourage discrimination against the LGBT community, the group also claimed.

“The [Muslim religious leaders] are speaking against us by saying fighting for LGBT rights is akin to fighting for animal rights, and that the LGBT community opposed God’s law,” Krishnan added, according to Free Malaysia Today.

The attacks are especially targeted toward the transgender community, some posts promising to kill them on sight. Governmental departments, including Family and Community Development and the Ministry of Communications and Multimedia, are also being urged to look into the threats.

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