Lesbians More Likely to Divorce Than Gay Men

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Same-sex divorces are skewed towards women, a new report reveals.

The report from the Office of National Statistics, which analyzed divorce rates among same-sex couples in England and in Wales in 2016, discovered instances of divorce at far greater rates between lesbian couples than in marriages between two men.

Over three-quarters (78 percent) of divorcees were from lesbian couples. Of the 112 same-sex divorces, 87 were between women and the remaining 25 between men.

The 112 same-sex divorces is an increase of 5.8 percent from a recorded 22 same-sex separations in 2015.

Additionally, divorcees were most commonly found to be aged at 40.4 years for men and 38.2 years for women in 2016.

"Unreasonable behavior was considered common grounds for divorce among same-sex couples, accounting for 96 [percent] of divorces among men and 93 [percent[ of divorces among women," the report claimed.

Laws regarding private conduct in the UK — or "unreasonable behavior," as it is called — are particular to the country, and differs between same-sex and opposite couples. For straight couples, adultery is considered a separate reason — but in same-sex couples, adultery falls under “unreasonable behavior.”

Sociologists have commented on the matter as well, positing that the trend mirrors fundamental discrepancies between the way men and women approach intimacy:

"This reflects trends in heterosexual marriage because women are more prone to say they want to marry — but they're also more likely to initiate divorce," said Gunnar Anderson, a professor of demography at Stockholm University, to Gay Star News.

"Women usually have higher demands on relationship quality, that's often been said in studies. Even if you control for your age there is still a trend of more women ending partnerships than men."

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