Leader of Anti-Gay Neo-Nazi Group Arrested in Russia

The head of a Russian neo-Nazi group that claimed responsibility for the kidnap and torture of gay Russians was arrested in Russia Monday after fleeing to Cuba last month, LGBTQ Nation reports.

Maxim Martsinkevich, leader of the anti-gay vigilante group "Occupy Paedophilia," is in custody in Russia this week after being apprehended and deported from Cuba.

A spokesperson for the Russian Federal Security services told LGBTQ Nation that Martsinkevich, who has the nickname "Tesak" (Russian for "cleaver"), landed in Moscow Monday from a direct flight from Havana, Cuba, and was immediately turned over to Russian authorities.

Martsinkevich was formally charged and arrested in absentia on Dec. 13, 2013 by Moscow’s Kuntsevskiy court. He has been charged with crimes under article 282 of the Russian Criminal Code, which is the incitement of hatred or enmity and human dignity with violence.

When Martsinkevich was arrested earlier this month in Cuba, officials confiscated his passports and other alleged falsified identity documents. His laptop, cell phone and other equipment was also seized as evidence.

For several months, reports out of Russia surfaced, claiming Martsinkevich’s group, "Occupy Paedophilia," lured LGBT teens via social media and tortured them. The group filmed the young men being tortured and then shared the clips to the victims’ friends, families and school via social media, effectively outing them.

In one report, Martsinkevich allegedly fled Russia to torture an openly gay contestant of Ukraine’s "The X Factor."

LGBTQ Nation reports that a spokesperson for the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine said that her office has issued an arrest warrant against Martsinkevich because of the criminal complaint filed by Alexander Bohun, who said Martsinkevich beat him repeatedly, threatened him with violence and forced him to make a series of false statements while being recorded.

"I was referred to as ’pedophile’ illegally, mocked, and forced to admit actions and desires that I have not committed in any circumstances, and I had to admit all that publicly," "The X Factor" contestant said.

Soon after Martsinkevich was charged in Ukraine, he posted on his vk.com profile
in December, a Russian social media website, saying that he fled the country to Cuba.

"Attention! Official dispatch from Freedom Island (i.e. Cuba)!
An offer regarding the investigation and trial.

The case against me is very unusual. There are no victims. No damages. The investigation was done by incompetents. The crimes were committed virtually. I was charged without being present. I was arrested in absentia.

Contrary to Interpol statutes, there has been an international arrest warrant issued in my name. I do not recognize my guilt. I am currently in Latin America and do not have the money to return to Russia."

Earlier this month it was reported Martsinkevich was arrested in Cuba.

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