Italy Offers Civil Union Benefits to Couple From England

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A court in Milan, Italy has recognized the civil partnership of two men from London, giving the two the opportunity to apply for local benefits including welfare and visitation rights if one is hospitalized, according to Gay Star News.

The civil union between Christian and Federico was added to the Registro delle Unioni Civili of Milan, a list of same-sex couples implemented by liberal Mayor Giuliano Pisapia. The couple, who have been together for eight years, are Italian residents who were able to establish their partnership at the Globe Theater in London thanks to a temporary residency in the U.K.

“We paid just and we could marry in front of 70 relatives and friends,” Federico told Gay Star News. “The recognition by the Milan tribunal is just a little thing, but it’s also an important step towards equality.”

The couple says while they’re appreciative of the local recognition, they want their relationship legal in the entire country.

“We want to proceed on the recognition of our partnership,” Federico said. “We want the Italian bureaucracy to accept we should have the same rights of a married couple, as it is in the United Kingdom.”

The decision of the tribunal does not mean that Christian and Federico’s civil partnership is now recognized by Italy. Ryan Dixon

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